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Brace Care

Cleaning your brace

You will need: a small-headed toothbrush, an interdental brush, Fluoride toothpaste, and Fluoride mouthwash (to be rinsed once daily at a different time than when you brush)Using fluoride toothpaste, brush the tooth surface between the wire and the gum line, then between the wire and the tips of the teeth. Then use the interdental brush to clean carefully underneath the wire.

Dietary advice

No fizzy drinks (even the ‘diet ones’!), sugary cordials, no sugar in tea or coffee. Keep fresh fruit juices to mealtimes (they are quite acidic). Beware of ‘no added sugar’ drinks…they may still contain sugar!Plain water, milk or tea without sugar is best!For eating please avoid hard foods. E.g. No hard crusty bread, hard pizza crusts, avoid corn on the cob, cut apples up small, take meat off the bone.For snacks between meals, choose ones low in sugar. g. plain crisps, bread sticks, toast or cheese and crackers (rather than cakes, sweets, biscuits & chocolate)

Brace wax

Fixed braces can be uncomfortable when first fitted. We provide brace wax to help ease any areas where the brace feels as if it’s rubbing. Roll up a pea sized piece of wax and gently push it onto the part of the brace that feels sharp. It normally takes a few days to get used to the new brace. Please contact the clinic if you have any concerns or if the discomfort is persisting.


  • No biting fingernails
  • No chewing pens
  • No taking plastic water bottle tops off with your teeth!
  • Take care of your brace…it needs to come off your teeth easily at the end of your treatment, so it is quite fragile.