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Price List

1The price of your treatment includes your orthodontic treatment, retainers (i.e. the appliances that hold your teeth in position after treatment) plus three-, six- and twelve-month retainer check appointments after treatment.  We recommend yearly retainer checks; these are not included in your treatment plan post the initial twelve-month retainer check. 

2Please note costs will vary according to the complexity of your treatment requirements. 

3Two reviews are included with this appliance, any further reviews will be charged at the Review Appointment rate. 

4Discount is no longer offered if a model is returned to make a replacement retainer, this is due to a change with the manufacturer. 

5This charge applies to each appointment where you are already in treatment at another practice and transfer to have your treatment adjusted and/or brace, aligner, appliance removed at Stockport Orthodontics.   Additional braces, aligners, appliances and retainers are charged at the appropriate price.